What is Mobile-geddon?

The Mysticism of SEO

You’ve probably seen in the news that  Mobile-geddon starts this week.  What exactly does that mean?  In short, starting this week, Google search engine results are going to give preferential rankings to sites that are mobile ready.   Your content is still what really gets your site ranked at Google.  This change just means that all things being equal, a site that is mobile ready will get prioritized.

Google is constantly adjusting their ranking algorithms, but this is a big shift.  Google is planning for when users are using their mobile devices more than desktops.

As you read in our 2015 Screen Resolution Review, our credit union sites are still accessed 70% of the time on desktop devices.  However, we’ve seen mobile access trending upwards in the last 18 months and expect this trend to continue.

As part of this, CU*Answers Web Services has been including a responsive web design component in all of our new designs for the last several years.  What is a responsive web design?  In short, it means your website will scale to different screen resolutions using checkpoints enabling you to have one website that you maintain and the content is reflowed to match the size of the device.

It also means, that if CU*Answers Web Services has redesigned your website in the last 3 years, you likely already have a mobile optimized version website.

Google has released a tool for you to check your own site to see how it fares.  Here’s a test of cuanswers.com.  Note that the analysis takes a minute so let it run.

If your site doesn’t have a mobile responsive component, it’s time to consider a redesign.  We have limited redesign slots available, and slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

It’s Me 247 Investment Center Banners

CUSO Financial Services (CFS) has strict guidelines on what sorts of marketing you can do. We have had the following banners pre-approved by their Ad Review process for use on the It’s Me 247 Online Banking Community and on your web site.

These banners must link directly to your It’s Me 247 Investment Center (eVision) custom URL.


It's Me 247 Investment Center


It's Me Investment Center Banner

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Money Desktop Banners

Here are some web banners you can use to advertise you connection to Money Desktop. In addition, Money Desktop has their own sets of banners you can get from them.


Money Desktop badge




Money Desktop

Money Desktop Banner

OBC Page

(remember to change your cuid)

Intro to Money Desktop Video Code Snippet

The code snippet below is for adding a video introducing your members to Money Desktop to your web site. Money Desktop is now an available option inside of It’s Me 247. Read More »

How to take a screenshot

If you are getting an error on your website (or really any application) or you are seeing a funny browser rendering issue on your website, it helps us to see a screenshot.  This lets us see exactly what you are seeing.  Taking a screenshot is really easy and helps us out, especially when we can’t duplicate what you are seeing.

Lifehacker has a nice series called Emailable Tech Support.  They are simple and concise instructions on how to do certain computer tasks.  Last week they covered taking screenshots.  Take a read through to see how easy it is.

Tips for writing better web content

You’ve heard us say it when working on your site. Many don’t believe it until it happens, but one of the hardest parts of developing your site is writing the content. And what makes it harder is you have to do it because you are the one that knows the ins and outs of your business.

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