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Web hosting requires a lot of trust. Trust with your files, messages, and information. You already trust us with your priceless member data; trust us with your web data as well. Our hosting is rock solid, with state-of-the-art servers and around the clock monitoring.

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Web Services Professionals will manage your web site updates. You simply provide the content and we'll optimize it, test it and publish it. Avoid the hassle of managing HTML and browser compatibility. Let our professionals do it for you.

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Google Analytics 4 Beginners Guide

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Next summer, Google will be discontinuing the current incarnation of Google Analytics, called Universal Analytics, and replacing it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  Since there is no migration path from Google to keep your historical analytics, CU*Answers Web Services set up GA4 collection for all the sites we currently have access to.  This is intended to give you at least some runway of historical stats before the cut off.

GA4 is different than the Universal Analytics you might be used to.  We came across this Beginners Guide at Search Engine Journal with some introductory content.  Note, you can skip the whole Google Tag Manager installation steps as CU*Answers Web Services does not use GTM.

If CU*Answers Web Services is not hosting your site, or you have not provided us access to your Google Analytics, you should prepare for this change next year.  Please note, this requires setting up GA4 account at Google and also getting this new code snippet on your website.  CU*Answers Web Services only made changes to sites where we have access to both of those items.

People Are Still Using the Dumbest Passwords Available

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As seen on CU*

If you thought most people would have learned by now not to use “password” as the password for their sensitive logins, then you would be giving too much credit to the general public.  Two new reports were released this week highlighting the most commonly used passwords based on a list of 56 million breached or leaked passwords.  And you guessed it, “password” and “123456” still top the list, just like they have in years past.

Read the whole article at

Network Maintenance – November 22

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On Tuesday morning, November 22, from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to our website and email hosting.

New Web Services & Marketing Team Member!

New Employee!
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The CU*Answers Web Services & Marketing team is excited to introduce you to our new Marketing Administrator and Graphic Designer, Addie Mueller!  Addie is a Minnesotan-turned-Michigander and is eager to dive in on your marketing projects like website and mobile app banners and custom brochures and flyers.

CU*Answers Web Services will be adding her new Administrator account to all WordPress sites.

Welcome aboard Addie! We’re excited you have joined the team!

Chrome Browser support for older versions of Windows is ending in early 2023

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Google Chrome, probably the most popular browser around, will be ending support for older versions of Microsoft Windows in early 2023.  Google announced that Chrome version 110, tentatively scheduled for February 2023, will officially end support for Windows 7 and 8.1.  This aligns with Microsoft ending support for these version of Windows.

CU*Answers Web Services strives to develop websites that work for the majority of members by following web standards as practically as possible.  This also helps with keeping your website accessible with WCAG.  Officially, CU*Answers Web Services only supports the 2 most recent major versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari on currently supported operating systems.

Read the end of life announcement at Google Chrome Help.

Network Maintenance – October 18

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On Tuesday morning, October 18, from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to our website and email hosting.