Who We Are

In the World Wide Web, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the users, who browse the web and consume its content, and the members of Web Services, who create and maintain that content. These are their stories.

David Damstra

David is the fearless leader and Manager of Web Services.  In addition to co-authoring the Professional WordPress book from Wrox publishing and being a Zend Certified Engineer, David is skilled in design, development, and loud typing.   His years of experience enable him to sail the sea of project deadlines like a crafty pirate (even though he prefers ninjas) all while maintaining high morale among the crew.

Email: ddamstra@cuanswers.com

Janelle Krupa
Janelle Krupa

Janelle is a highly self-motivated and professional Graphic Designer touting a 5 year track record demonstrating problem solving skills, computer and design proficiency, and the ability to follow through with projects in a timely manner. She enjoys playing tennis, camping, being active and experiencing different food and cultures.

Email: janelle.krupa@cuanswers.com

Kellie Etterman
Kristian Daniel
Kurt Hansen

As the senior (citizen) member of the web services team, Kurt is a jack-of-all-trades developer. Mix a bunch of WordPress with a little jQuery with a lot of CSS & HTML with some PHP and you have a well-rounded web dev dude. Give him a website problem and he'll find a solution. Just don't ask him for a solution to the loud typing in web services. Do ask him about his grilled chicken recipe, but not in front of the Web Standards Chicken.

Email: kurt.hansen@cuanswers.com

Peter Meyers

Peter specializes in graphical bedazzlement and textual enchantment.  When he isn't creating vector art with the greatest of ease he can be found roaming the halls of the internet searching out the next big thing to keep you ahead of the curve. Insert buzzwords here as necessary.

Email: peter.meyers@cuanswers.com

Samuel Lechenet

Sam, the newest hotshot member of our team is rearing to take your web presence to the next level.  Web hosting? Email issue?  Need a better driver for your graphics card?  Shopping for something bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a full sized iPad? Coined "SUPERSAM" by satisfied clients, Sam will save the day!

Email: samuel.lechenet@cuanswers.com

Tony Muka

Programming for the web since he was a wee lad, Tony has a great appreciation for efficiency, minimal design, and programmatic eloquence. Wherever there is time being wasted, he'll be there with a script. Whenever there is injustice done to a website being rendered in an obscure outdated browser, he'll be there. Wherever there is ajax in distress, he'll be there.

Email: tmuka@cuanswers.com

Web Standards Chicken
Web Standards Chicken

While not pecking corn, or reading War and Peace, I stand up for all that is good in Web Standards.  I encourage the other Web Services Team Members to write validating code, remember security, make beautiful designs and not to eat at KFC (they could have been distant cousins).  I am also a card carrying member of the Snow Beaver Field Research Organization (SBFRO) and enjoy participating in their research expeditions on my days off.  For the record, I am also the fastest typist in the department with my hunt and pecking.

Email: chicken@ws.wesconet.com