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Web hosting requires a lot of trust. Trust with your files, messages, and information. You already trust us with your priceless member data; trust us with your web data as well. Our hosting is rock solid, with state-of-the-art servers and around the clock monitoring.

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Web Services Professionals will manage your web site updates. You simply provide the content and we'll optimize it, test it and publish it. Avoid the hassle of managing HTML and browser compatibility. Let our professionals do it for you.

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Late last year, CU*Answers Web Services launched This website is a blog where Randy Karnes, CU*Answers CEO, shares his opinions on matters related to the credit union industry and encourages readers to respond with their own thoughts on the topic, or to tell Karnes why they disagree. The website features a popup disclaimer, a random name generator (should the poster want to remain anonymous), and discussions about Credit Unions.

Check out and tell Randy Karnes why he’s wrong!

CU*BASE Alert: Network Maintenance 1/20

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On Tuesday morning, January 20, from 12-8 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to the following services:

  • CU*Talk audio response and our phone system
  • It’s Me 247 online banking (including mobile web)
  • CU*CheckViewer check images
  • eDOC applications
  • Hosted web/mail sites and
  • AnswerBook
  • CU*Spy
  • RAS/VPN/remote access

Family First Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

Family First FCU website
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Congratulations to Family First Federal Credit Union on the launch of their new site design. The new design utilizes WordPress with Site Control and includes responsive support for mobile devices. Check out the Web Services custom website design today at

New Microsoft Web Browser Reportedly in the Works

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Codenamed Spartan, Microsoft’s new web browser will supposedly launch with Windows 10, according to ZDNet. This new web browser is not Internet Explorer 12, but rather a new browser that will be similar to modern browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome).

The new browser will still utilize Microsoft’s previous web technologies. This new browser does not mean the end of Internet Explorer, however. IE 11 is reported to still come with Windows 10 for backwards compatibility reasons.

CU*Answers Web Services will continue to uphold Web Standards and compatibility with new Web technologies. We closely track the last 3 major revisions of Web Browsers for compatibility, and we look forward to testing Spartan. As always, it’s important to keep your web browser updated for compatibility and security reasons.

Learn more about Spartan

ATL Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

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Congratulations to ATL Federal Credit Union on the launch of their new site design. The new design utilizes WordPress with Site Control and includes responsive support for mobile devices, CO-OP ATM Locator, Pay Junction, and site search. Check out the new site design today at

Firefox Drops Google

Mozilla_FirefoxAs of December, Mozilla’s Firefox browser will no longer be using Google as its default search engine. This week Mozilla announced it will be using Yahoo as the default search engine as the two companies signed a five year deal. Now, any time you search using the Firefox browser either on mobile or desktop, you will be redirected to a listing of Yahoo search results.

Yahoo is expected to upgrade their search engine look in light of the new deal. The user results will continue to be powered by Microsoft, as part of their ten year deal with Yahoo.

You can read the entire article here.