Domain Names & DNS

Your domain name is your first impression.

Your Domain Name is how your members find your web site on the Internet. Domain names are rented annually from accredited vendors called registrars. CU*Answers Web Services will work with you to register and renew your domain names annually. This is a managed solution and we monitor the renewal process as well as serve your domain name to the Internet.

Protect your brand online with the appropriate domain names

Using CU*Answers Web Services shared hosting we can alias multiple domain names to a single website. This permits you to register multiple domain names to protect your brand online. At a minimum, we recommend you register the .com, .net and .org for your primary domain name. In addition, you may want to register similar domain names to help secure your brand. This also helps protect you from possible phishing attempts.


Once you have your domain names registered, or CU*Answers Web Services has registered them for you, you have to enable DNS servers. These DNS servers tell web browsers where your web site is hosted. Sort of like asking the gas station for directions.

For sites hosted with CU*Answers Web Services, we like to be your DNS servers, so we include this service with your registration fee. There are a couple of reasons we want to be your DNS servers, but primarily,  controlling your DNS settings facilitates site launches and redesign set ups. Likewise, should we need to move your website to another server for any reason, we can do that without any involvement from your IT team. Finally, this also helps out if the WESCO Net Managed Services teams manages your network, since we can coordinate information with them.

For your business, CU*Answers Web Services Domain Name Registration and DNS servers makes sense. We take responsibility to automatically renew your domain names come expiration time. The costs are simply added to your CU*Answers invoice. In addition, because we are a cooperative, your domain name registrations are protected. We aren’t like some other vendors that lock the domain name to our hosting. If for any reason, you need access to your domain registration, we are happy to assist. Our DNS servers are hardened systems that we use for our own DNS services. We have an agreement with our upstream bandwidth provider to host secondary DNS, meaning that if for any reason our DNS server is not available, your records are duplicated to a server closer to the Internet. This protects you and us.


Domain names and DNS is a frequently misunderstood and confusing part of web and email hosting. Yet, it is the most vital. CU*Answers Web Services Professionals have been working in this field for an extended period of time, and have the experience and expertise to help.

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