HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, Content, Search Engines, web browsers, mobile devices...web development is a complex process.

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Web hosting requires a lot of trust. Trust with your files, messages, and information. You already trust us with your priceless member data; trust us with your web data as well. Our hosting is rock solid, with state-of-the-art servers and around the clock monitoring.

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Professional Services

Web Services Professionals will manage your web site updates. You simply provide the content and we'll optimize it, test it and publish it. Avoid the hassle of managing HTML and browser compatibility. Let our professionals do it for you.

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All Hosted WordPress sites Updated to Latest 5.3 release

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As part of your WordPress Managed hosting with CU*Answers Web Services, we have automatically updated all websites to the latest WordPress 5.3 release.  This helps keeps your website secure and tracking along with the other system level components.  CU*Answers Web Services regularly updates your WordPress core and plugin files.

With WordPress 5.3 you will notice cosmetic updates to the WordPress Dashboard, including some changes that improve accessibility.  Other notable improvements are updates to the Gutenberg editor (which we’re exploring with a few clients) and large image handling.  The large image handling will certainly help some client website’s performance if they are unable to optimize their banner images before uploading.

For more behind the scenes details, check out WP Tavern’s coverage of WordPress 5.3.

Toro Federal Credit Union Website Gets New Look

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Congratulations to Toro Federal Credit Union for launching their new site! Complete with live chat, easy links to become a member and apply for a loan, events calendar, and site search, this new site blends functionality with ease of access to create a great member experience. Check it out here!

EmpireONE Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

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Congratulations to EmpireONE Federal Credit Union for launching their new site! Complete with rotating banners, featured rates, easy contact form, and site search, this new site blends functionality with modern design and branding. Check it out here!

DNS Crash Course for Web Developers

Connecting the Internet Graphic
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The Domain Name System (DNS) can be confusing.  It’s the phonebook of the Internet and what maps friendly human names (like to their actual Internet addresses (IP address) like  To get your website actually online, you need to register your domain name with a Registrar and then set up DNS to point the domain to your web hosting provider.  You have to keep all these pieces wired up correctly and don’t forget your email services too.  DNS is the glue that binds it all together.

Here’s an 10 part Twitter thread that offers a quick crash course on what the parts of DNS are and why you need them.


Chris Achard on Twitter: “Confused by DNS Records? A, CNAME, ALIAS… Me too 😬 Let’s change that! (cheatsheet at the end) 🔥 DNS Record crash course for web developers 👇” / Twitter

Take a look.

How to do SEO for your Credit Union – SEO Tips for 2020

SEO is evolving constantly and so should your efforts to stay on top of the latest trends. Google makes over 3,000 algorithm changes per year… that is A LOT of changes. If you aren’t keeping up with these changes, you aren’t going to keep up with your competitors.

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Federal Employees of Chippewa County Credit Union

Federal Employees of Chippewa County Credit Union Website
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Federal Employees of Chippewa County Credit Union (FECCCU) launched a beautiful website this morning! Congratulations on the great design and the functionality as well. The site features an online banking login button at the top making it convenient for members to get to it. Featured rates are highlighted near the top for people interested in FECCCU’s competitive rates. The home page also includes quick links to ATM and Shared Branch locations. The footer provides links to their mobile apps.

The site is designed with members in mind. It is a responsive site that looks good and works well on different size devices from phones to desktop computers. Take a look at their new site:

Congratulations to the FECCCU team on a great new website!