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Union Pacific CAE FCU Launches Responsive Website

Union Pacific FCU home page
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Congratulations are in order for Union Pacific CAE Federal Credit Union on their new website. As indicated by the title, the new website is responsive and displays nicely on phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. The design is clean and uncluttered in keeping with modern web design. The home page includes quick access to online banking, large banners for advertising, a featured rates section, a credit union news section and a section for locating ATMs, calculators and also links to member and loan applications. Overall, it’s a great design and moves Union Pacific to a much better online presence. The new site will serve members and staff better. Take a look at their new website here: Union Pacific CAE FCU

Internet Explorer- No Longer King

In January 2016, Internet Explorer was still the most used browser in America, sitting at 46% of total web users. The crown was then stolen by Google Chrome in mid March, according to

Although Internet Explorer still receives security updates, regular support has been discontinued since 2015 due to Microsoft pushing Edge. This has caused some irritation among web users, as Edge is currently only usable on Windows 10, which covers approximately 24% of operating systems in use. Edge in itself has not taken off very well- as only 22% of Windows 10 users prefer it over other browsers available.

For more stats on these browsers, see this nice article from Ars Technica.


Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union Updates Their Website

Greensboro Municipal FCU home page
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Congratulations to Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union on their updated website! The new website is a modern, responsive design that works on all devices no matter the screen size.  The design includes sections for quick links in the header, rotating banners, featured links, featured promotions, featured services, ATM & branch locators and a map showing their branch and ATM locations. Wow! That’s a lot of information in a clean, uncluttered design! The design also includes a full-width dropdown menu providing for a large number of pages. Take a look at their new website: Greensboro Municipal FCU

Printing Industries Credit Union Launches New Website

Printing Industries Credit Union home page
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Congratulations to Printing Industries Credit Union on the launch of their new website.  California’s Printing Industries Credit Union recently launched a new website developed by Michigan based CU*Answers Web Services.  The new website is a modern, responsive design which makes it scalable to be used on devices of any size from handheld smartphones to full sized desktop workstations. The index page of the new website provides the membership with quick access to It’s Me 247 Online Banking, large rotating banners highlighting current promotions, a section for featured rates, easy access to ATM and shared branch locations and a section for current news information about the credit union. The overall look is simple and modern. Take a look at their new website:

Color Psychology and Your Website

There is some psychology behind marketing and design where color choice is concerned.

Your website is an important tool for your organization, used to represent your brand. The colors you use on your website and web ads help to communicate your message just as effectively as the actual text you use.

Did you know?

Color has meaning and the power to compel users to click, purchase or pay closer attention! Color also has the power to repel users away from your site or web ad, so choose them wisely!

What do the colors mean?

Red: passion, love, danger, warning, excitement, impulse, action, anger

Orange: comfort, creativity, celebration, fun, youth

Yellow: curiosity, playfulness, happy & cheerful

Green: health, wealth, growth, nature

Blue: stability, loyalty, calm, freedom, peace, trustworthiness

Purple: royalty, justice, fantasy, luxury

Brown: earth, nature, primitive, comfort, strength

White: innocence, purity, cleanliness, simplicity

Black: mystery, power, elite, elegance

When choosing colors for your website or web ad, always be mindful of your target audience and the nature of your organization. Think about the kind of message you want to convey to your visitors. What is your ultimate goal when they visit your site or see your ad? Then, choose the colors that offer the best representation of your goal.

Looking for color inspiration? Check out ColourLovers and ColorJack for palettes and inspiration galore!

Public Service Credit Union Launches a New Site

Public Service Credit Union Website Screenshot
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CU*Answers Web Services launches a new website for Public Service Credit Union.Fort Wayne, Indiana based Public Service Credit Union recently partnered with CU*Answers Web Services to create and launch a new website.  Using modern development practices and responsive web design the new full featured website is capable of resizing to fit all screen sizes from handheld mobile devices to large screen desktops.  Public Service Credit Union’s main page includes a custom developed Savings Ticker to show the amount of money this credit union has saved their membership.  In addition, a personal touch was an important design decision for the credit union.  To accomplish this, they will be showcasing actual employees in their What’s New news and information section. Check it out here: