SiteControl Shortcode Documentation

Web Services provides hosted sites access to our SiteControl Platform which pulls data such as product rate information and configured Loan Application and Membership Application URLs from CU*Base and It’s Me 247 for use on your WordPress site with easy to use WordPress ShortCode style snippets.

There are Shortcodes for Rateboards/Ratetables, RateCards, Badge/Button Snippets, Links, It’s Me 247 Online Banking Login Button, and Calculators.

Rateboard / Ratetable

All the attributes are optional. The default order is sorted by the sequence number inside CU*BASE.
Our rateboard shortcode now supports additional attributes; title, round_rate, round_amount, strip_zeros.  Setting the title is useful in cases where you have used the “filter” attribute to show a specific subset of your rates.  The round_rate, round_amount, and strip_zeros attributes give you more control over the decimal place precision the rates and min/max amounts display, and can strip trailing zeros off the decimal value to simplify the output.  In addition, the ratetable order and orderby shortcode attributes now work the same as the already worked for the ratecard shortcode, allowing you to sort by various fields.

[ratetable type='savings' filter='' limit=99 orderby='' order='']

Savings Rates - Effective Friday, August 28, 2020
SLATE SUB SHARES1.760%$0.00$0.00
SLATE SUB SHARES1.760%$0.00$1,000.00
SLATE SUB SHARES1.760%$0.00$25,000.00
REGULAR ROCK SHARES0.010%$0.00$0.00
REGULAR ROCK SHARES0.250%$0.00$500.01
ROTH-N-ROCK IRA SH2.530%$0.00$0.00
ROTH-N-ROCK IRA SH2.840%$0.00$1,000.01
TRADITIONAL IRA SH1.010%$0.00$0.00
TRADITIONAL IRA SH1.260%$0.00$10,000.01
TRADITIONAL IRA SH1.510%$0.00$10,000,000.00
PLAN FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS5.220%$0.00$50.00
BUSINESS CHECKING0.450% - 0.450%$0.00$1,000.00
BUSINESS CHECKING0.450% - 0.430%$0.00$250,000.00
BUSINESS CHECKING0.430% - 0.320%$0.00$300,000.00
BUSINESS CHECKING0.320% - 0.050%$0.00$500,000.00

Here is a more advanced use case, utilizing filtering, setting the title, rounding decimals to 2 places, and stripping any trailing zeros from decimals.
[ratetable type='savings' filter='IRA' limit=99 orderby='' order='' title='IRA Savings Rates' round_rate='2' round_amount='2' strip_zeros='true' ]

Amazing IRA CD Rates! - Effective Friday, August 28, 2020
ROTH-N-ROCK IRA SH2.84%$0$1,000.01
TRADITIONAL IRA SH1.26%$0$10,000.01
TRADITIONAL IRA SH1.51%$0$10,000,000

[ratetable type='loan' filter='' limit=99 orderby='' order='']

Loan Rates - Effective Friday, October 30, 2020
Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
Used Auto5.000%Get a great rate on a used auto loan!
New Boat, RV, ATV4.250%
New Auto4.000%You can't beat this rate on a used auto loan!
Credit Card5.500%Get a great deal on a Used Auto today!
Restored Autos (1960-1979)7.000%Learn more about financing a classic car.
New Auto Loan 36 Months4.750%Get the best rate on a new auto loan!
NEW AUTO 72 Months5.500%Great Rates
Credit Card4.250%Credit Card

[ratetable type='cd' filter='' limit=99 orderby='' order='']

Certificate Rates - Effective Friday, October 30, 2020
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
SAVE N SCORE1.300%$50.00
12 MO CD $500 MIN1.090%$250.00
12 MO CD $500 MIN1.160%$5,000.00
12 MO CD $500 MIN2.020%$30,000.00
12 MO IRA CD $500MIN0.580%$500.00
6 MO CD $500 MIN1.300%$500.00
6 MO CD $500 MIN1.500%$1,000.01
6 MO CD $500 MIN2.020%$5,000.01

Valid orderby attribute parameters for sorting

for loan: id, loantype, lowinterestrate, description
for savings:id, loantype,lowinterestrate, description
for cd: id, cdtype, description, interestrate, term, duration, annualyield, minimumamount


[ratecards type="Loans" filter="" limit=999]
[ratecards type="Shares" filter="" limit=999]
[ratecards type="CD" filter="" limit=999]

How about trying the “filter” attribute for “used” Loans.

[ratecards type="Loans" filter="used" limit=999]

Or perhaps both using commas filter for “new,used” loans

[ratecards type="Loans" filter="new,used" limit=999]

Now maybe you want to order descending?

[ratecards type="Loans" filter="new,used" limit=999 order="desc"]

Now maybe you want to order asc by loantype field?

[ratecards type="Loans" filter="new,used" limit=999 order="asc" orderby="loantype"]

too bad those don’t fit on one row, let’s limit it to 4?

[ratecards type="Loans" filter="new,used" limit=999 order="asc" orderby="loantype" limit=4]

Online Banking Login Buttons and Badges

[oblogin] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='black'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='yellow'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='red'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='royalblue'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='lightblue'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='green'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='black' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='yellow' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='red' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='royalblue' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='lightblue' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

[oblogin color='green' shape='badge'] Online Banking Login

Text Links

[links to='cusecure']Fight Identity Theft at

[links to='estatements']Sign Up for E-Statements

[links to='cusecure']Fight Identity Theft at

[links to='vbvisa']Verified by VISA

[links to='membership']Apply For Membership Online

insert the apply for membership text link
[links to='applynow']Apply For a Loan Now

Snippets for other Buttons and Badges

insert the satellite loan app text link
[snippet type='cusecure']Fight Identity Theft at

insert the snippet cusecure badge link
[snippet type='estatements']Sign Up for E-Statements

[snippet type='applynow'] Apply Online!

insert the satellite loan app badge link
[snippet type='iraadvisor']Sorry, the snippet iraadvisor was not found.

[snippet type='cusecure']Fight Identity Theft at

[snippet type='vbvisa']Verified by VISA

Simple Calculators

[calc type='auto']

Auto Loan Calculator



[calc type='amortize']

Amortization Calculator



Payment table will appear here.

Note: This calculator is provided only to give an estimate of your loan. Your payment schedule may vary. This calculator is based on an interest rate less than 10%. Talk to your loan representative for additional details.

[calc type='simple_interest']

Loan Calculator




  • Type in the purchase price, number of payments (months), and annual percentage rate into the corresponding form fields.
  • Click on the button marked Calculate.
  • Your results will appear in the Results box.

Note: This calculator is provided only to give an estimate of your loan. Your monthly payment and total amount paid may vary. Talk to your loan representative for additional details.

[calc type='yield']

Investment Yield Calculator