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Web hosting requires a lot of trust. Trust with your files, messages, and information. You already trust us with your priceless member data; trust us with your web data as well. Our hosting is rock solid, with state-of-the-art servers and around the clock monitoring.

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Web Services Professionals will manage your web site updates. You simply provide the content and we'll optimize it, test it and publish it. Avoid the hassle of managing HTML and browser compatibility. Let our professionals do it for you.

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WordPress 5.4 Update Coming End of This Month

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I’m sure you are not all tracking the development life cycle of WordPress, luckily you have CU*Answers Web Services who is.

The next update to WordPress is currently being beta tested and is expected to roll out at the end of March.  Our CU*Answers Web Services hosting infrastructure will begin deploying this update as it becomes available.  These automatic deployments and updates help keep your website secure from the ne’er-do-wells who out and about probing at websites for vulnerabilities.

We do not anticipate any problems with this WordPress update.  The focus is on continuing to update the Gutenberg Block editor.  This is a new way to edit your website content.  CU*Answers Web Services has been trying this new editor on some new site builds as well as some internal sites.

Read more about what is coming up in WordPress 5.4 in this WPTavern Article.

Heartland Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

thinkheartland screenshot
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Congratulations to Heartland Federal Credit Union for launching their new site! Complete with beautiful inside pages built via the Gutenberg editor, easy links to become a member and make a loan payment, featured rates, and site search, this new site blends functionality with ease of access to create a great member experience. Check it out here!

Network Maintenance February 18th

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On Tuesday morning, February 18th, from 1:00 – 6:00 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to the following services:

  • It’s Me 247 online and mobile banking
  • Hosted web/mail sites and
  • It’s My Biz 247 online banking

New Microsoft Edge Update

Microsoft Edge
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Web Browser are constantly changing and last week we had a big change from Microsoft. The new version of Microsoft Edge uses the same rendering engine as Google’s Chrome. That means that websites viewed in the newest Microsoft Edge browser will look more like they are viewed in Google Chrome versus how they look in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11.

You may not notice that your website actually looks a little different in each browser, but our web developers do. We spend a fair amount of time creating websites that are as close to standard compliant as possible because it is our belief that all web browsers are working towards the standards. Long term, this reduces maintenance. It also helps with conforming to WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Our developer’s spend time checking your website in the major browsers, notably during new website builds, but also when making larger maintenance updates to your site. In general, we only support the last 2 major versions of the major browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer 11 (that counts as 2). For what it’s worth, Microsoft doesn’t even want you to use Internet Explorer anymore if you don’t have to.

We’ve already been looking at your sites in the new Microsoft Edge browser, so as it rolls out to everyone’s workstations over the next few weeks your site is already set.

Read more about what to expect with Microsoft Edge

Northern Colorado Credit Union Launches New Website

Northern Colorado Credit Union Website Screenshot
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Congratulations to Northern Colorado Credit Union for launching their new site! Complete with ATM and Branch locators, easy links to become a member and apply for a loan, featured rates, and site search, this new site blends functionality with ease of access to create a great member experience. Check it out here!

WordPress Year In Review

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It’s that time of year where every website publishes their year end retrospectives.  Here’s some interesting stats I saw about WordPress in 2019 (from


  • WordPress powers 34% of the internet in 2019, a 4% rise from the previous year.
  • If you count only the CMS-built sites, then about 60% of them are WordPress
  • Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month
  • 28% of all e-commerce goes through WooCommerce (a popular WordPress Plugin)
  • 281 new WooCommerce shops appear on average every day
  • 661 WordPress sites also pop up daily

As you know, WordPress is CU*Answers Web Services’ platform of choice due to its ease of use and flexibility.