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Consumers Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

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Congratulations to Consumers Federal Credit Union for launching their new site! Complete with a bold new design, featured rates, direct login for online banking, and site search, this new site blends functionality with ease of access to create a great member experience. Check it out here!

Total Community Credit Union Launches New Website

Total Community Credit Union Home Page
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Total Community Credit Union launched a new website today. The site is a great looking example of modern web design with large rotating banners that provide for featured promotions. It also includes areas for links to featured promotions, featured products and becoming a member. Credit union members can quickly access the login form for online banking. A live chat feature provides quick responses to questions for members and non-members alike. Take a look at their new website:

Chippewa County Credit Union Launches New Website

Chippewa County CU home page
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Chippewa County Credit Union launched a really nice looking new website this week. Designed with members in mind, the home page features rotating special offer banners, featured rates, quick links to important information, member news and quick links to ATMs and shared branches via the Co-Op network. The site is designed to look good on devices large and smal so no matter how members get there, the site will work well. The site is designed with content in mind too. Members should find it easy to locate the information they need or jump off to It’s Me 247 Online Banking.

Take a look at their new website:


Cumberland County Federal Credit Union Launches Website

Cumberland County FCU home page
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Cumberland County FCU launched a really nice looking website recently. The site has a number of features that make it great for credit union members. The header includes a login to It’s Me 247 Online Banking making it easy for members to get into the online banking system. The site also features large rotating banners, featured links and several featured content areas that currently focus on holidays, who can join the credit union and information about the credit union.

The site is a modern site that looks good on all devices no matter how large or small. The website provides great functionality that makes it easier to find content not on the home page. This site is a positive for the members and the credit union.

Take a look at their new website:

Affinity Credit Union Launches New Website

Affinity Credit Union home page
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Affinity Credit Union launched a great looking website today! Congratulations on the new design and functionality as well. The site features a login for It’s Me 247 Online Banking, a section for featured rates, a section for new members to join, featured links, a section focusing on their app, links to shared branches and ATMs. Rounding out the home page is their mission statement: Building Better Lives!

The site has a modern look and feel to it. It looks great on any device from phones to large desktop monitors. Members and employees will appreciate the new site as the design lends itself to locating information quickly.

Take a look at their new website:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 finally closer to end of life

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The browser will be finished on 17 August, 2021, says Microsoft.

Starting November of this year, Microsoft Office 365 Apps will start to stop working in Internet Explorer 11.  Also on the chopping block is the non-Chromium version of Microsoft Edge.

You may not realize this, but Internet Explorer causes lots of headaches for web development.  While it used to be the most used browser, now its outdated engine and rendering creates idiosyncrasies that web developers have to work around.  So, in that respect, this is good news for your website, and will hopefully save you a little money.

At the same time, it’s a little bit of bad news.  Microsoft’s new Edge browser is based on Google’s Chromium, which is the same source the Google’s Chrome is generated from.  That means the browsers are homogenizing around a single platform.  This is what happened back in the Internet Explorer 6 days and caused compatibility problems with web code and browser code.  Here’s hoping we don’t end up in that boat again.

Read the blog announcement from Microsoft here.