Internet Explorer will stop working soon

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is dead. Microsoft sent Internet Explorer off into the sunset last week after nearly 27 years. The aging web browser is being replaced by Microsoft Edge, with support being officially withdrawn for Internet Explorer 11.

To remain secure online, make sure your web browser stays up to date.  Web Services has been fading out support for Internet Explorer for the last couple of years.  We’ve seen very little traffic still on Internet Explorer, but stragglers should upgrade to a secure browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and keep that browser current.

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Web Services and WordPress-related Vulnerabilities

Web Services

There have been a couple of WordPress-related vulnerabilities in the news this week.  I say WordPress-related because they are not issues with WordPress core but with specific plugins or themes that are used on a WordPress site.

CU*Answers Web Services tracks these vulnerabilities through several methods including mailing list subscriptions and automated scans of all of our WordPress sites.  WordPress core and plugin updates are automatically applied every Sunday night to keep all sites current and secure.  In addition, when we see serious vulnerabilities (like the ones announced yesterday) we can deploy updates immediately.

It’s worth noting that no sites on our hosting environment were using vulnerable versions of this theme or plugin.  Likely due to our weekly updates.  Nevertheless, Web Services team did verify with our scans that these plugins and themes were up to date.

In short, I would like to remind you that CU*Answers Web Services is actively working to keep all our websites and servers secured and protected.  For a review of some of the systems and process in place, please see this previous post from 2018 that still holds true today.

Network Maintenance – Tuesday, May 17


On Tuesday, May 17, from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM ET, Network Services will begin the monthly patch process for all the servers on the CU*Answers network. Maintenance is scheduled to be completed by 8:00 AM ET.

Rate Change Effective May 2022

Web Services

Please note that effective May 1, 2022, CU*Answers Web Services and Marketing teams will be increasing our hourly rate to remain inline with other CU*Answers teams.

This is the first hourly rate change for Web Services and Marketing in 15 years.

The new hourly rates will be:

For CU*BASE credit unions: $125/hour in quarter hour increments
For non-CU*BASE credit unions: $175/hour in quarter hour increments
For non-Credit Union industry clients: $175/hour in quarter hour increments

Network Maintenance – April 19


On Tuesday morning, April 19, from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to our website and email hosting.

New website for Michigan Legacy Credit Union

Michigan Legacy Credit Union Not like your normal financial institution

Please join us in congratulating Michigan Legacy Credit Union on the launch of their new website!  Michigan Legacy has been undergoing a stylistic renaissance with a classic 1950s vibe.  Michigan Legacy’s new branch designs utilize jukebox themed ITMs and are technology centric.  To complement this new style, CU*Answers Web Services turned to a modified commercial theme with the same retro feel.  While the site has a 50s diner feel, the main focus of the site is to encourage members and non-members to jump on the new video teller system.  Take a look at their new website: