CU*Answers Web Services is Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

CU*Answers Web Services is celebrating 20 years of creating credit union websites in 2023.  Starting as a simple gateway to the newly invented online banking,  websites have grown to become complex marketing platforms and an integral pillar to your marketing strategies.  CU*Answers Web Services now hosts and manages over 300 websites every day.

With this much experience, what can we do for you?

Google to retire padlock from Chrome address bar

Google Chrome

The padlock icon indicating website security has appeared in the URL bar of web browsers for so long that people are kind of blind to it.  It dates back from Netscape Navigator when SSL sites where a new thing and browsers wanted to highlight that passing confidential information across the network is secure.

Nowadays, SSL is common place.  CU*Answers Web Services includes a free Let’s Encrypt certificate with all our website hosting.  We consider it a necessity for hosting.

Check out Google’s plan and what they are replacing the padlock icon with at The Verge.

How Long It Would Take A Hacker To Brute Force Your Password In 2023?

2023 Hive Systems Password Table

This report from cyber security company Hive Systems has been widely reported in the technology news.  The Hive System security report includes a graphical table of password vulnerability each year. Their table is a technical look at how long it would take a hacker to brute force your password.  This all depends on the length and composition of your password.


Read the report and see how your passwords would fare.

Network Maintenance – April 18


On Tuesday morning, April, 18, from 12:00 AM – 8:00 AM ET, CU*Answers Network Services will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to our website and email hosting.

WordPress 6.2 Right Around the Corner


This week Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announced Release Candidate #3 for WordPress 6.2. The WordPress 6.2 release is scheduled for March 28, 2023—just one week away!

CU*Answers Web Services is testing this new release and will automatically roll out updates to our hosted client websites shortly after the final release.  Most of the updates in this new release revolve around the Gutenberg editor and will have little impact on our sites.

Read the Release Candidate Announcement over at

Want to see some of these featured highlights in action? Check out the WordPress 6.2 Demo provided by and recorded March 2, 2023.

RIP Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Last week, Microsoft finally removed Internet Explorer 11 from circulation replacing it with the updated Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft launched Internet Explorer nearly three decades ago, in 1995. At one point in the past, Internet Explorer ruled the browser realm. In 2003, it controlled 95% of the browser market. The days of Internet Explorer’s reign are long over, though, as user moved to faster, more secure and more standards compliant browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is the new replacement browser for Windows devices and uses the same rendering engine as Google Chrome.