How to Upload Videos to YouTube

More and more websites are including video on them.  We often get questions on how to  publish a video on your website.  Web Services’ recommended solution is to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and use their embedded browser.

Here’s why:

  1. They’ve built a business on it.  Their servers are set up to stream video.
  2. They have the bandwidth.  Instead of using CU*Answers’ hosting bandwidth, use theirs and send it directly to your visitor.
  3. They’ve already done all the hardwork to make an embeddable video player.
  4. It’s easy.

Lifehacker has put together a simple set of instruction on how to upload a video to YouTube.  Once it’s up on YouTube you can then embed it on your website.  If you are using WordPress with SiteControl, there is even a simple code you can use.

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WordPress TV

Did you know there’s a great site that features detailed video tutorials of just about everything you’d ever want to do with SiteControl (WordPress)? is full of useful videos that will guide you step by step through various feats of strength such as utilizing plugins, adding text widgets to your sidebar, turning a page into a link in the main menu, reordering your menu, and so much more!

Periodically we’ll be posting new videos from right here on the WESCONet Web Services site. Found a video you’d like featured here? Let us know by commenting!

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