Embedding YouTube Videos With SiteControl

YouTubeSiteControl Clients: Did you know that you can embed YouTube videos into any post or page? Here’s a quick how-to.

First, you need to have the Smart YouTube plugin enabled. Don’t worry, every SiteControl installation we do comes with this plugin, its only a matter of turning it on. Simply log in to SiteControl as you normally do and click “Plugins” on the top right. Then, find Smart YouTube in the list and enable it. If you do not have access to your plugins menu simply let us know and we can either grant you access to the plugins or turn it on for you.

Smart YouTube will allow you to embed any video from YouTube using one simple line of code: the URL of the video. However, there’s a catch: instead of “http://” before the link, you will need to modify the URL to read “httpv://” or “httpvh://” (the latter will display the video in high-quality if there is a high-quality version available).

Here’s an example using the “Mica Minute” video:

httpv:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcwdLb_8f-M
<!---Remove the space in the URL above ---->