Marketing to your online bankers

Carma from Affinity Group shared this article with us, and we wanted to share it with the rest of you.

A better Internet Bank? Who gets it right…

The article talks about how most Financial Institutions focus on the transactional aspect of Online Banking.  Read More »

Reg E and Opt In

We’re getting several emails about adding Opt-In forms to Credit Union websites in response to Reg E.   At this time, we are asking everyone to sit tight. We suggest you read up on what CU*Answers and our partners, such as Xtend, are preparing in response to Reg E. There is information online in the CU*Answers Kitchen.  Additional information is presented in a recorded webinar at  We are also preparing marketing collateral for your to use in statements, e-statements, e-Info, in your lobby and on your website. In the end, members will be able to opt-in via It’s Me 247 Online Banking. We would expect more information to be announced at Leadership Conference. We know this is a large and pressing concern for Credit Unions. But rest assured, CU*Answers is working on it and will have a solution well within the time frame.

Update:  Some marketing collaterals have been published.

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