How to take a screenshot

If you are getting an error on your website (or really any application) or you are seeing a funny browser rendering issue on your website, it helps us to see a screenshot.  This lets us see exactly what you are seeing.  Taking a screenshot is really easy and helps us out, especially when we can’t duplicate what you are seeing.

Lifehacker has a nice series called Emailable Tech Support.  They are simple and concise instructions on how to do certain computer tasks.  Last week they covered taking screenshots.  Take a read through to see how easy it is.

Is It Time to Ditch IE6?

We’ve been telling you for a while to upgrade your browser. We’ve been telling your members too. With the impending release of Internet Explorer 8 right around the corner (probably released by year’s end) Sitepoint asks is it time to pull the plug on IE6?

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Internet Explorer 8 final to arrive by the end of 2008

I know, we just encouraged everyone to upgrade to IE7 (here, here and here), but this is the Web and things change fast. The good news is Microsoft is not really known for actually hitting deadlines.

From Ars Technica, a Senior VP at Microsoft announced in a Financial Analyst Meeting that IE8 will ship by year end. And we are expecting a Beta 2 sometime next month.

Friday Fun – 6 ways to crash IE6

It’s Friday. How about a little fun?

Cats Who Code give 6 HTML and Javascript snippets that crash Internet Explorer 6. The shortest one is an 11 symbol character string.

Are you still using IE6? Mozilla’s Firefox 3 was also released this week (more on that later.)