Screen Resolutions 2015 Edition

Screen Resolutions Graph

When I started at CU*Answers nearly 10 years ago, our web site designs targeted an 800×600 browser size. This was considered the standard at the time. This meant that we considered the viewable space on any monitor with the web browser at full screen as 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

Over the years, the best practice moved to 1024×768 resolution and many sites were designed with this in mind. If you can picture these dimensions in your head, and relate them to TVs, you’ll notice they are the older square shape of TVs. It’s nearly impossible to find these now. TVs, and likewise computer monitors have moved to the wider letterbox, rectangular shape like cinema movie screens. Read More »

Firebug Rules!

An article over at the SitePoint Blogs reviews the handful of browser based web development tools that are now available. While the new tools are always welcome, our personal favorite tool, Firebug, still comes out on top for features, functionality, and interface. Of course, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the final versions of Opera’s Dragonfly tool to show what it can do!