Adding Xtend Web Chat to Your Website

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In January 2024, CU*Answers Web Services worked with Xtend to implement a new chat vendor for our credit union websites.  To accomplish this goal Web Services created a new WordPress plugin called Xtend Web Chat.

This plugin implements the Xtend Web Chat service on your WordPress based credit union website including customizations to allow Xtend Contact Centers to support your members.


  1. Enrolled in Xtend Web Chat
  2. WordPress website hosted with CU*Answers Web Services
  3. CU*Answers Web Services SiteControl Plugin activated and configured

Download Plugin

Download Xtend Web Chat WordPress Plugin


Please note, this plugin is provided as is with no support or warranty. This plugin includes JavaScript on your website which may cause conflicts with other plugins and code. Your credit union must be WordPress-based and hosted at CU*Answers Web Services. Your credit union must be enrolled in the Xtend Web Chat service and have been provided configuration details for this plugin to function properly.