SEO Tip: Don’t Bother with Meta Keywords

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Here’s a tip from , author of the WordPress SEO Plugin we use on several WordPress with SiteControl sites.  Back in the early days of search engines to get ranked you added keywords to each page to tell the search engine what your website was about.  As you can imagine, this quickly got abused and search engines began ignoring them, since they were essentially useless.

None of the big three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) put much weight behind the meta keywords, so in Joost’s opinion, and Web Services, it’s just not worth the time to fill out, and then manage.  Instead, spend your time writing good content.  Good content that talks about the search terms you want to be found for.  If you want your website to be indexed for “best loan rates in Kalamazoo, Michigan” then you need to have a story (not an image banner) explaining that you do in fact have the best loan rates in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  If you don’t write it in your content, the search engines won’t know it, and can’t point people to your site.

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