PolicySwap launches in Beta

Have a policy? Leave a policy. Need a policy? Take a policy.

That’s the idea behind PolicySwap. PolicySwap is a collaborative website where CU*Answers clients can share policies and procedures with each other. Not sure what your BSA policy needs to say? Browse here and select a policy from your peers. Each policy is reviewed by the CU*Answers team for quality, to ensure you are receiving the best possible value for your time.

PolicySwap is currently available in a beta release, meaning we are looking for credit unions to actively participate and kick the tires.

PolicySwap is built with WordPress.

Asking the Right Questions Launches

Board meetings serve many purposes, but one of the most important is the role it plays in creating an atmosphere that challenges the insider perspective of the credit union management team. That’s why CU*Answers created Asking the Right Questions.

Asking the Right Questions is a compilation of questions to challenge the credit union CEOs and board members to get engaged. You are encouraged to use this site during your next board meeting and limited edition print copies of the questions are available. If you have favorite questions for your credit union, please add them to the network.

Visit Asking the Right Questions, one of our new websites built with WordPress.

cuatv launches with Cooperative Score

Web Services recently updated our cuatv.com website for the Cooperative Score initiative. cuatv.com is a collaboration between CU*Answers and FulVew Productions to provide the credit union industry with premium professional quality video for use in your branches and websites.

All the videos on cuatv.com are available for you to use free of charge. For a small fee, FulVew will customize the video with your credit union brand.

Check out the updated site built on WordPress.

New Cooperative Score Site

Cooperative Score

2012 is the United Nation’s International Year of the Cooperative. CU*Answers wants to highlight all the cooperative initiatives we have with our cuasterisk.com network and our clients. Cooperative Score is a one stop location for many of the different web sites that encourage participation in the network.

Check out the site, and also all the sites that it links to.

To learn more about Cooperative Score, watch the video.

Cooperative Score is built with WordPress.

SEO Tip: Don’t Bother with Meta Keywords

Here’s a tip from , author of the WordPress SEO Plugin we use on several WordPress with SiteControl sites.  Back in the early days of search engines to get ranked you added keywords to each page to tell the search engine what your website was about.  As you can imagine, this quickly got abused and search engines began ignoring them, since they were essentially useless.

None of the big three search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) put much weight behind the meta keywords, so in Joost’s opinion, and Web Services, it’s just not worth the time to fill out, and then manage.  Instead, spend your time writing good content.  Good content that talks about the search terms you want to be found for.  If you want your website to be indexed for “best loan rates in Kalamazoo, Michigan” then you need to have a story (not an image banner) explaining that you do in fact have the best loan rates in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  If you don’t write it in your content, the search engines won’t know it, and can’t point people to your site.

Read the article on Joost’s site.

For more tips from Google on getting your site indexed, check out the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

WordPress sites top 50 million


Over the past weekend WordPress passed the 50 million mark.  That’s right, there are over 50 million websites on the web that are powered by WordPress.  That’s nearly 20% of the entire web.  WordPress powers such heavyweight sites like TechCrunchTEDCNN, and the National Football League, and also many of your Credit Union websites.

Rest assured your are in good company, and CU*Answers Web Services is right here with you.