Improving the Security of your Website: Website Generated Emails and Spam

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Spam email has been a hot topic lately.  Google and Yahoo! both recently implemented new policies to help reduce the amount of spam getting into inboxes.

CU*Answers has been adjusting email policies and processes to conform to these guidelines and update clients to best practices.  You can follow these changes in the CU*Answers Kitchen.

To assist in this process, CU*Answers Web Services recently made a change to how email sent from your website is generated.  Previously, your website might have sent email from any number of domain names (the part after the @ symbol in the email address.)  This can cause several different problems.

Starting this May, the CU*Answers Web Services hosting servers will now automatically set valid email headers and sender envelope address for outgoing mail from domains to reduce chances of being treated as spam.  That means that emails generated from your website will now be changes to appear to be coming from your own domain name.  This aligns with SPF and DKIM policies.  If CU*Answers does not host your DNS and you have not set up these DKIM policies, you may contact us for DKIM DNS entries for the webservers.

Please reach out to CU*Answers Web Services if you have any questions or concerns.