VATAT Credit Union Launches a New Website

VATAT Credit Union
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CU*Answers Web Services is pleased to present the new website for VATAT credit union in Austin, Texas!

The new VATAT website is a major update to their previous site, while still maintaining the overall look that VATAT members are accustomed too.  The new website is built using the new Full Site Editing framework in WordPress and has been updated throughout with modern aesthetics and accessibility in mind.  The new website is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across all devices and, its eye-catching, custom-designed banners perfectly embody the brand’s design.

In addition, this new website sets the foundation for when VATAT completes their conversion to CU*BASE to leverage automated rate boards updates from the core, new and improved online banking login processes, online loan applications, and online membership opening processes.

VATAT credit union is converting to the CU*Answers’ CU*BASE Core Platform this December.

Check out the new website at