CU*Answers is updating our Web Hosting Terms of Service

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CU*Answers Web Services is updating our Terms of Service.  These new Terms of Service will automatically take effect on October 1st for existing website clients and immediately for any new clients that join our system.

The intention of this update is to clarify some language as technology and other requirements have changed over time.

Some of the notable changes to the Terms of Service include:

  • Removed the 1 year minimum term for all new websites.
  • Explicit statement that CU*Answers requires certain plugins to be installed on your site to maintain security, auditability and performance.
  • Explicit statement that CU*Answers requires administrative access to all sites hosted on our shared hosting servers for support and troubleshooting.
  • Requirement that all third-party code, such as themes and plugins, need to be kept current for security and compatibility with the underlying webhosting software.
  • Further clarification regarding using our shared hosting platform for personally identifiable information and other content restrictions.

You may review the entire Terms of Service online at

Please note, this update only applies to your CU*Answers Web Services hosted websites on our shared hosting platform and does not affect Online Banking or any other agreements.

Thank you for being a customer and member of the CU*Answers network and co-operative.  If have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.