WordPress 6.1 Coming in November

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9/20/2022 Update – While WordPress 6.1 is still scheduled for November, the WebP image format being the new default has been removed, as reported by this WP Tavern article.

WordPress 6.1 is scheduled for release in early November.  CU*Answers Web Services is currently reviewing what is expected to be released to make sure we will not have any unexpected issues.  As of right now, we expect this to be a smooth upgrade.

One of the biggest anticipated updates is WordPress 6.1 will not properly support the WebP image format.  This is a new image type developed by Google specifically for the web.  WebP files tend to be smaller than both PNG and JPEG files which they are replacing.  This helps make your member’s experience faster on their browser.

In addition, there are many upgrades to the Gutenberg editor in WordPress as they merge 11 releases into the core plugin.  Kinsta.com has a full list of all the features that are expected to be released.

CU*Answers Web Services will continue evaluating this release and expect to be deploying to all our shared hosted websites automatically at release.