Ways We Set Our Clients Up for WordPress Success

Speckboy Web Design Magazine released an interesting article entitled “Ways to Set Yourself Up for a WordPress Disaster”.

We love WordPress. We believe in supporting open source software and the WordPress platform has proven to be a worthy tool for rapid website development. Its content management system base allows for our clients to be able to take control of their site without needing to become developers themselves. With that said, as seasoned WordPress developers and WordPress host, we have a good understanding of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Here’s how we set your website up for WordPress success:

We Use Plugins Sparingly

We know that WordPress has the advantage in that it has an active developer community. So, there are many plugins to choose from that will extend the functionality of a website as needed. However, sometimes, those plugins present security holes if they aren’t updated frequently. Sometimes, the plugin code conflicts with the theme or other plugins and therefore the site breaks.

Our solution is to build the site with everything our client needs to effectively manage their content. Plugins are great for adding very complex functionality but for simple features, adding a plugin is overkill.

We Don’t use Stock Themes

Stock themes or premium themes are typically built with a wide array of target audiences in mind. We custom build our themes specific to the client we are building for. We build your site specific to your vision and your needs.

We Backup Often

For the client sites that we also host, we have a strict backup and maintenance schedule. We do not take chances with our clients’ websites.

We Take Every Security Precaution

If your site is hosted by CU*Answers Web Services, then you can rest easy. We have several layers of security protection from your website all the way up to the server and network.

We’re Proactive

We have our clients on a weekly maintenance schedule, where the WordPress core, along with plugins and themes are updated. We also stay alert to any critical security updates that may fall outside our weekly maintenance schedule, so that we can get everyone up to date.