3 Secrets to Effective SEO Copywriting for Your Website

Last week, we discussed the 5 ways you can prep your website for SEO success. The very first item on that list is content. Since the reason for search engine existence in the first place is to organize information and present a bridge from the user to the website and vise versa; the words, sentences and phrases that you use on your site are everything.

Imagine that the search engine is the bridge.  The user is at one end of the bridge and your website is at the other end.  Now imagine that the planks on the bridge are made from the text that you use on your website.  Your goal, is to get users to walk across the bridge to visit your website.  What words do you use to prompt them to cross?

As you probably already know, copywriting is the art of constructing written copy and presenting it to the public through digital media or print.  SEO copywriting is writing copy for your website that will rank well in search engines and make your website easily found.  Copywriting is a marketing strategy that has been long-proven to be effective.

Listed below are the 3 secrets to effective SEO copywriting for your website:


1. More Content

Blogs and news sites typically rank sky-high in search engines. Why? Because they are content machines! Adding a blog or news area to your site and then making an effort to regularly add posts will enhance the rank and visibility of your sites in search engines.

2. Know your Audience and then Answer their Questions

Typically, when we search for something on the web, we ask in the form of a question. Think of some of the questions that your credit union members or potential members might ask and then post articles about those questions. This is a great strategy because it helps your website visitors get to know your organization better all while helping you rank higher on Google!

3.  Grab their Attention.  Write Headlines that Engage

Let’s say that you have written a great article that you are sharing through various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and your hope is that the article gets a lot of attention…maybe even goes viral.  The best way to do that is by writing a headline to your article that engages them and prompts them to click! Chris Garrett from Authority Blogger has shared a great resource with the masses called 102 Headline Writing Formulas. If you get a chance, check it out.