Expanded VoIP Monitoring Services

WESCO Net has expanded our national management network to include the monitoring of advanced Voice over IP parameters to assist credit unions in either troubleshooting existing VoIP deployments or assist in certification of networks prior to a VoIP system installation.

“The interest in Voice over IP technology has been exploding in the credit union space,” says Dave Wordhouse, VP Network Technology at WESCO Net. “As traditional telephone system contracts come due, credit unions are looking at VoIP solutions as a way to save money and drive staff effectiveness.”

“However, a successful VoIP installation requires an understanding of complicated networking concepts such as the effects of jitter, latency, packet errors, and the like. Our new system provides the advanced VoiP-related telemetry we need to pinpoint voice quality problems within the network and clean them up quickly.”

WESCO Net is already providing this service for multiple credit unions around the country. Advanced VoIP management is now included at no extra charge for all WESCO-Net managed-WAN credit union clients.

For more information contact us at sales@wesconet.com or toll-free at 866-458-1174.