Hosted SiteControl Features Updated

Today we rolled out an update to our SiteControl Platform that adds some new features, rateboards facelift, improved caching, and optimized performance.

2016 Rateboard Updates

One big change is that we move towards replacing our older proprietary “SmartTag” snippets with the now standardized WordPress “Shortcode” style snippets. You won’t have to make any changes to your hosted sites as we will automatically be replacing your SmartTags with Shortcodes. The new Shortcode changes are detailed here.

New RateCard rate format

Rateboards have been given a facelift to a more modern minimal design that should blend more readily with various site designs. There is also an optional narrow typeface included to improve spacing.  The data can also be filtered now based on text keyword matching, as well as preset sorting and limited to a specific number of results.  Rateboards also have a new Responsive Design for better mobile layout. We also added some new functionality to refresh rateboard data when you delete the SuperCache for a page containing a rateboard.

We also introduce a new rate display style called we’re calling “Rate Cards” that offers a new fresh way to highlight rates on your site. They also offer the same keyword filtering, sorting, and limiting as the new Rateboard tables. Read More »

Hosted WordPress Updated to 4.5.2


Hosted WordPress sites have been updated to the 4.5.2 Security Release. We haven’t seen any of the fixed responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities explioted. For full details read the release.

Hosted Sites Updated to WordPress 4.5


The latest greatest WordPress version 4.5 “Coleman” has been deployed on our hosted WordPress sites.  For more details, read the press release.

WordPress 4.4.2 update


Hosted WordPress sites are now being updated to the latest security and bugfix release version 4.4.2.

More information can be read here. 

Marketing Website Theme Refresh 2015 refresh

We made a few quick changes to to give it that wonderful fresh out of the oven feeling again.  These were primarily CSS changes based on the existing site theme structure. Think your site needs a little something new? We’d be happy to talk with you about your options.

Hosted Sites Updating to WordPress 4.3.1


Hosted WordPress sites are now being updated with security and bugfix release version 4.3.1.  For more details read the release notes.