The 10 Most Useful Smartphone Accessibility Features

smartphone accessibility
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It’s hard to imagine a day without our smartphones. They’re with us at work, while we’re out and about, and even when we sleep. We use them for everything from checking emails to ordering take-out – so it is important that they are accessible! Here are 10 accessibility features that will make your smartphone experience better for everyone.

For Visually Impaired

  1. Zoom
  2. Magnifier
  3. Text Size
  4. Text Color & Readability
  5. Subtitles and Captions

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  1. VoiceOver
  2. Headphone Accommodations
  3. Live Listen
  4. Sound Detection

Motor Skill Issues

  1. Switch Control
  2. People Detection
  3. Lift To Wake
  4. Dictation


  1. Time to Take Action

Where To Find These Settings?

  1. iPhone – Click Settings Gear > Accessibility > Explore the options that are suitable for you.
  2. Android – Settings > Accessibility

Your Website Should Be Accessible Too

Many of the above examples can and should be available for your website as well. Every website we build here in Web Services is developed with Accessibility in mind because we want to ensure that it is easy and practical to use for all credit union members.

If you are considering or need help with accessibility our team can help. Visit our store page for more information.

Image Source: Readers Digest