New Direct Login Widgets

Online Banking Direct Login Widget
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Over the next few months, CU*Answers will be updating your credit union Direct Login Widget automatically. Please see the Switch Schedule to find out which day your widget will be updated. Note, the new Direct Login Widget may not be functional until your switch day.

The new Direct Login Widget is responsive—so your current website setup dictates how the widget will appear. Depending on the height you currently have set, the new widget will either show as a form (height greater than 194px) or a button (height less than 194px).

If you are a CU*Answers Web Services client, you may request widget size or website changes to better accommodate your new widget. You may send your update requests to to be updated within 48 work hours at the standard rate. Otherwise, please reach out to your personal web developer to make any necessary adjustments.

Note: The predefined height and width of the standard widget is 300x300px. The width may be adjusted to accommodate your website. Note that if your current login widget has a height of less than 194px, once the widget is updated, your standard widget will shift to a button. 

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us!