How To Schedule Promotions For Your Credit Union Website

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Why Should I Schedule My Promotions?

Let’s assume it’s Friday the 1st of July and you realize you need to post something on your website about your Credit Union being closed over the 4th for independence day. You don’t really want to be doing that over the weekend so what do you do? Sometimes you need a way to schedule your content to go live for a future date.

So how do I do it?

WordPress has a great feature that is often overlooked. Simply write up your post, and on the right-hand side above the blue “Publish” button you’ll find an “Edit” button next to “Publish immediately”

Go ahead and click on the Edit button. Now you can change to the exact time and date you’d like to schedule that promotion or post to publish.

Great! It’s as simple as clicking the blue “Schedule” button. Congratulations, your new post will now go live for that date and time and now you can enjoy your fun weekend!