How to do SEO for your Credit Union – SEO Tips for 2020

SEO is evolving constantly and so should your efforts to stay on top of the latest trends. Google makes over 3,000 algorithm changes per year… that is A LOT of changes. If you aren’t keeping up with these changes, you aren’t going to keep up with your competitors.

Here are 6 SEO tips you should try in 2020.


  1. GOOD HEADLINES – One test for 2020 is to come up with a few relevant headlines. Try AB testing these headlines to decide which one outperforms. This is a good way to weed out bad headlines so you can be sure yours performs the best. Google focuses on user metrics. So let’s say a competitor of yours is ranked #1 on Google search results, and your Credit Union is in the 2nd spot. Your CU however, just updated your headline with more relevant information, I.E “Best Rates 2020”. If this headline interests more users and it get’s more clicks Google is going to reward your site’s relevancy score and bump your site up to the number one spot.
  2. GOOD KEYWORDS – Using good Keywords that people are actually searching for is huge. If you can write pages and posts and effectively use these keywords in your content along with getting a lot of traffic to your website Google will reward you with higher rankings. One way to find good keywords is to you a free Keyword research tool like UberSuggest.
  3. LESS POSTS, MORE RELEVANCY – What kind of content do your members actually want to see? What kind of things can you write about that will actually help your visitors? What kind of questions can you answer for your members? With these things in mind, you should be writing less posts, while being more helpful to your visitors online. When writing blog posts you should focus on writing very detailed and descriptive posts that answer your visitors questions in depth. Try not to leave anything out, the goal should not be to write 10 articles a week; rather, you want to have your visitors leave the page thinking “Wow, I learned everything I needed to know and I didn’t have to click 10 links to get the information”. These kinds of posts lead to more social shares, and keep your visitors engaged longer. If you are struggling for good content ideas head over to UberSuggest, type in a keyword and click on the “content ideas” tab. This will give you a list of high traffic posts that are currently driving in traffic.
  4. BACKLINKS – Backlinks are one of the most important determining factors that lead to SEO success. If you can get links to your website from trusted sites that already drive in a lot of traffic, you’re site will be rewarded as well. One way to do this is to write a detailed article that someone else covers but make your post better. Reach out to a popular blogger and ask them to feature your link. If they already have a link that covers the topic, explain that yours is updated with the most relevant information and covers a topic that the other post didn’t. You can also use a broken link checker to find broken links on popular blog sites. If you find a broken link where you think your post could go, mention that to the site owner and kindly ask if they would replace it with your link.
  5. PAGE SPEED – Google tends to punish sites that are poorly optimized or slow. If you have a slow website, it’s a good idea to avoid pre-build themes that load a lot of unnecessary code. Try using CDNs to host external java script, and make sure your images are always optimized before publishing. Head over to google page speed insights to see how your website is performing.
  6. VIDEO CONTENT – Google is starting to rank videos more and more. One benefit to video is that YouTube SEO results happen much quicker than search engine SEO results. YouTube tends to rank videos within 24 – 48 hours after they are uploaded so you don’t always have to wait months for progress. Another good reason video is a good tool, is that if the video is helpful and relevant to a blog post you have, it’s going to keep people engaged on your website longer. This in turn, boosts the time spent on your website and web page SEO as well.