Five Web Design Turn-offs

The level of online competition has sky-rocketed over the last few years. With more and more companies utilizing online marketing and ads in attempt to outperform their rivals. Given the difficulty of acquiring new clients online you may try and do everything in your power to create an elegant user experience for your visitors, but there are a handful of “website turn-offs” you should know.

Site is too slow

Most of us know the importance of page load speed for a website. It can be annoying when you try to load a page but it takes forever to finally show. But did you know, a study conducted by BBC reported that every second your website is loading your losing about 10% of your visitors. It’s also true that a slow page will cost you rankings on popular search engines such as google.

Mobile unfriendliness

In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone, mobile responsive websites undoubtedly play a significant role in maintaining visitors to your website. It’s important to make sure that every aspect of your website looks neat and works as expected on all devices and modern web browsers!

Popup Clutter

The use of popups is a debated topic in the world of web development. Many people often times use them as a conversion tactic, while others agree that they are just annoying. While popups can be a good thing, most often, we see them poorly executed. It’s not necessarily a good idea to use popups that take up an entire screen and hinder the users ability to do what they came to your website to do. It’s especially inconvenient for them to be unrelated to the users interest for being on your website to begin with! With that being said, it’s likely best to use popups that are related to your content, and not getting in the way of the users true intentions.

Too much animation

Animations can be a cool addition to any website and we know that it gives the site a cool trendy modern feel, but it’s best to use them sparingly. When animations are overdone it becomes distracting to the user. It can be overwhelming for some leading to them forgetting what they even came to the site for.

Auto play media

Auto play media is probably one of the biggest turnoffs on a site. It’s never a good idea to have music or videos play without the user clicking onto them first. If your visitor comes to your website in a quiet environment and their phone or computer starts blasting with auto-play media it can be a nuisance and immediately turn the user away from the site.