IE Support Could Soon Come to an End

Microsoft pledged to deliver security updates through the lifetime of any operating system with which the IE browser was bundled. They effectively locked themselves into a lifetime support of IE when they declared Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) which will be supported until 2029.

Although Microsoft has essentially locked itself into lifetime support for the IE browser, there are some signs that suggest they may stray away from their original promise.


  1. Not only has IE user share collapsed but it also shows no signs of the collapse ending. Microsoft is now gearing toward a full chromium based browser to replace Microsoft Edge, which means they are outsourcing. Many suspect they are taking this route to lower development and maintenance costs, allocating expenses toward support on IE would make little sense if this were the case.
  2. Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 7 next year January, 2020. Since they are dropping support for windows 7 and focusing their attention on a chromium based browser it’s seemingly logical that IE support will end around the same time they drop support for Windows 7 as well.

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