Gutenberg is Here!

You may be asking, “What is Gutenberg?” So let me start by telling you that Gutenberg is the name of the new WordPress editor. It will be released as early as tomorrow, December 6, 2018. WordPress is the website software used by CU*Answers Web Services team. The new editor is an exciting development for WordPress. It provides a graphical interface for adding content to posts and pages. The new interface should make it easier and more intuitive for you if you regularly add content to your website.

As new features are added to software there is the possibility that they cause problems either with users who aren’t familiar with the new feature or with other software components. Web Services has decided to force all of our sites to continue using the existing editor until you as a user and we as the technical support team are both comfortable with the new Gutenberg editor.

We’ve added a plugin (a chunk of code) that will maintain the current editor until we manually turn it off. This will ensure that you have the option to start using the new editor when you’re ready. It will also ensure that the new editor doesn’t cause technical problems to your site without the Web Services team knowing that the new editor is live on your site.

Honestly, we don’t expect any major problems as we’ve tested the Gutenberg editor with a number of our client sites. But, we’re being conservative with this update because it’s a significant change for you and may cause problems with the technical side of things. If you want to start using the new editor, just contact us and we’ll turn it on. We’ll be able to determine if any problems occur at that time. Again, we don’t expect any technical problems.

Here are a few links if you’re interested in learning about Gutenberg: