5 Ways to Enhance Your Credit Union Website

Below are some features that can be added to your website to help your Credit Union stand out from the crowd. Lets face it, many financial websites look and feel the same as well as offer similar products and services. These tips will help enhance the overall user experience to deliver more value to your visitors, while highlighting products and services and communicating a more effective competitive advantage.

Comparison Charts & Product Finders

With all of the services offered on a CU website it can be difficult for a website visitor to find or differentiate the product or service that is right for them. This is where comparison charts come in handy.

Branded Blog

A blog is a great tool for credit union websites not only for your visitors but for search engine results to help bring more visitors in the long run. By delivering fresh new content on your site, you’re keeping everything up to date and allowing google to index your site and find keywords that will help people find your site. A good blog idea is to provide useful information to your visitors. Financial Education content would be a good option as it is extremely valuable content that your readers will find useful.

Financial Calculators

Incorporating calculators into your website is a useful tool that will improve the overall experience the user has on your website. When buying a home, or a new car many members or potential clients have factors to be considered and compared and having calculators will make that much easier for them.

Quick Links

Quick links are a very useful option to add to any website. It helps keep the site organized and concise. Adding links such as loan rates, or online applications or web forms will help your users navigate to the things they are looking for much easier.

Online Applications & Forms

Banks and credit unions are increasingly integrating online applications and forms on their websites. Online applications allow users to apply for an account or a loan anytime and anywhere they want, making it convenient and increasing the chances of conversion. And when users aren’t ready to take action but are interested in more information, forms provide a simple, secure way to inquire about a product or service, which generates leads for your financial institution.