Never say “Click Here”

Don't Use Click Here
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When adding links on a website, one should always consider the content they are facing toward their viewers. A common mistake is to use the text “click here” as an incentive to get the viewer to hit a hyperlink, and there are several reasons why:

  • It doesn’t describe the link being clicked. Even if the surrounding text suggests the other side of the link, it deters readers from selecting it.
  • It’s terrible for screen readers and visually impaired users. If there are multiple “click here” links on a single page, they become indistinguishable from each other.
  • It kills the SEO of your website. Search engines use the link text to identify it’s individualism.
  • If the content of the page needs to be printed out, the sentence containing the link loses its meaning.
  • It looks like spam.
  • It’s outdated. The initial use of “click here” was to show that the text would redirect or open a file when the internet was young and the majority of people were not familiar with internet browsing.

Instead, use descriptive context to show your viewers what they are clicking on: