WordPress 4.8 – “Evans”

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Named after William John Evans, WordPress 4.8 brought in a few new features for us to add into our utility belt.  Here’s what “Evans” gave us.

New Widget Updates
Images can now be added directly into widgets without having to manually enter image URLs. A couple clicks, and your media file is dropped right in. Video widgets now exist and can be added into your front page or sidebar. Audio is now supported and can be converted into a widget, and standard widgets now include rich text formatting. 

Link Boundaries
Adding and modifying links became more intuitive with the release of 4.8. This new feature allows you to edit the end text of a link and properly maintain the link. WordPress posted a video to better explain the incorporation of Link Boundaries.

Removal of Embedded WMV and WMA Files
The release of WordPress 4.8 brings a close to support for WMV and WMA filetypes. Any videos embedded in a WP site will not be displayed anymore, but will still show a download link.

New Dev Tools

  • New hooks for Multisite updates
  • New CSS rules for easy accessibility to Admin Panel Headings
  • Text-Editor Javascript API
  • Media Widgets API
  • Responsive breakpoints for width variables

For more information on release, see the WordPress post by Matt Mullenweg.