Ambitions to be a Web Developer?

Hello World!

Have you ever wanted to give web development a shot, but don’t quite know where to start?

Whether you plan to make a career out of front end/full stack dev or just want to get crazy on the keyboard- the typical starting point for web development is learning HTML and CSS. Once you have an understanding and comprehension of these languages, you could spiderweb out and incorporate programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript.

There are immense amounts of guides and documentation online that are essential for web developers, as well as training sites for step by step learning. Here are a few of the more popular (and free) sources that provide a great starting point:

Also some great referential sites for those times you get stumped:

Some of the above include their own text editor to make life a bit easier, but you can always choose your own, such as Notepad++, SublimeText, or Atom. But, one can’t forget Codepen, which puts HTML, CSS, and JS side by side with automatic updating to make a fantastic testing environment.

That’s the bare essentials, happy coding!