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It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking is coming soon. What’s your CU’s plan?
It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking is coming to your credit union, and CU*Answers is giving it to you free of charge. Is your website ready to handle your mobile members?

Web sites have come a long way since we made your first site to help your members get into online banking. Now, your members are getting ready to access Online Banking and your site on the go, from anywhere — all through their mobile devices. What is your plan for serving this new generation of online users? How are you going to target the specific needs and inform this advanced subset of your members? Now is the time to capture their attention and keep them informed on the changes coming down the road for mobile banking. Now is the time to capture your mobile member’s attention and prepare for It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking

If you don’t already have a mobile version of your website, check out Option 2.

WDMCU Full SiteOption 1 – Leave It As It Is

Most modern mobile browsers are doing just fine rendering pages. Mobile visitors clicking through to It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking will automatically be detected and shown the mobile version (with an option to return to the standard version).

Check your site in some mobile browsers and decide if it’s good enough.

WDMCU Mobile Site ScreenshotOption 2 – Add a Mobile Version to My Site

A mobile website should focus on information that is directly useful to you mobile user. And that is what the Web Services Mobile Web Site does. This mobile website is a subset of important information for your user on the go. And it’s tuned to be minimal bandwidth making it fast for the limited connections of the mobile browser.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Mobile visitors to your site are automatically redirected to a special mobile version
  2. Mobile site contains:
    1. You Credit Union’s Logo (the same one used on It’s Me 247 Online Banking)
    2. It’s Me 247 Online Banking Login button
    3. Your Locations
    4. CU*Talk Information
    5. Educational information about Mobile Browsing
    6. Ability to switch back to standard site for more information
  3. Traffic is tracked through your Google Analytics reports so you can see what kinds of traffic your mobile site is getting.
  4. Order a Mobile Website today for only $250.00*

* Requires your website to be hosted with WESCO Net

Lenco Mobile Web SiteOption 3 – SiteControl/WordPress Sites Are Already Mobile Enabled!

If you are on our SiteControl/WordPress platform you already have a mobile theme for your site. We’ve included this as part of the whole SiteControl Package.

Out of the box, your Mobile SiteControl site will show all of your current news and even the remainder of your site in a special mobile browser enhanced version. This reduces bandwidth to the mobile user, but still makes all your content available.

However, with a little configuration, your mobile index page can show only news items in the Mobile category so you can specifically target these mobile users with content directly relevant to them. Contact us for information on how to set this up.

Let your Members Know!

Do your members know that your site is mobile enabled? Some will just try it out of curiosity. Are they going to know when It’s Me 247 Online Banking is mobile enabled?

Visit our snippets-library for a Web Snippet to use on your site. If you ask Web Services to add it, we’ll make a special one that changes when It’s Me 247 Mobile Banking is turned on. (Standard update rates apply.)

Download our brochure.

* Screenshots from iPhone 3G. Other mobile browsers will produce different results.