Direct Login Widget

The Direct Login Widget is provided to CU*Answers clients as an alternative to an It’s Me 247 login link, button (200 x 51), or badge (125 x 125). Members are able to submit only their username via this field. Once a username is submitted, the It’s Me 247 direct login widget will redirect the member to the Online Banking Community (OBC) landing page for their particular credit union where they can complete the login process.

The It’s Me 247 direct login widget is provided to our clients for use on their credit union website under the following conditions and limitations:

  • The It’s Me 247 direct login widget is provided on an as-is basis. The contents and layout of the iframe cannot be altered, rearranged, or otherwise modified in any way.
  • The “src” attribute of the snippet may only contain the text[fl|rb|rw|sqb|sqw] where “CUID” equals the numeric online banking ID of the credit union, and “fl|rb|rw|sqb|sqw” equals the type of widget you’d like to use.
    for the original widget, use
    for the flex widget, use
    for the rw widget, use
  • Any page/section of the website that invokes the It’s Me 247 direct login widget must be accompanied by a valid SSL Certificate and https:// must be forced. There may be additional costs above and beyond “standard” hosting charges for SSL Certificate installation and maintenance. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
  • The direct login widget does not support mobile redirection, mobile visitors should use a hyperlink to (where “CUID” equals the numeric online banking ID of the credit union)

Choose from one of these five styles.

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All of these Direct Login Widgets will validate the username and redirect to the OBC for the Password and Security Questions.