MidUSA CU Converts to CU*BASE, Launches New Web Site


MidUSA will complete their conversion to CU*BASE on Monday, March 4th. Their new web site was launched today to ensure that the full suite of e-services is available as soon as conversion is complete. The new midusacu.org is built on WordPress with SiteControl and ships fully loaded with a responsive mobile theme, fresh look and feel, customizable electronic forms, satellite rateboard integration, and lightweight banner rotation powered by jQuery. Congratulations to MidUSA on a successful conversion and site launch!

San Antonio Citizens Partners with TMS

CU*Answers Web Services is proud to announce that we’ll be partnering with San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union in 2013 as part of our Total Marketing Solutions program! We’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with the SACFCU team on revitalizing and streamlining their marketing strategy next year. A big piece of the puzzle, the redesign of sacfcu.org, was recently launched to lay the groundwork for our team to position the credit union’s web site as the focal point of its marketing strategy. The new site is built on the same WordPress with SiteControl technology that is the backbone for dozens of our credit union sites.

Ohio Catholic Redesign

Ohio Catholic FCU Redesign

On November 6th, Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union launched their new site. Their previous site, also designed and built by the CU*Answers Web Services team, was already built on WordPress with SiteControl. The credit union was looking for an updated theme to go along with a major content overhaul conducted by Kelly Sikorski, their marketing manager. Kelly’s content rework allowed for simpler top-level navigation and made room for a larger 950 x 250 rotating feature banner. News articles were trimmed to give the site a more compact feel. In addition, a global site map was added to improve usability.

Onaway FCU Rebrands to Awakon FCU


We are excited to announce the launch of the new awakonfcu.net! Onaway Federal Credit Union, based in northern Michigan, recently expanded beyond their Onaway footprint and needed to rebrand to reflect their expanded field of membership. As part of their name change to Awakon Federal Credit Union, they needed a new web site. Enter CU*Answers Web Services. Designed, built, tested, and launched to coordinate with the rest of the rebranding deployment, awakonfcu.net uses WordPress with SiteControl, 950×250 rotating banners, a lovely background photograph, search functionality, electronic contact forms, and simplified navigation.

The Official CU*Answers Web Services Social Media Manifesto

The Social Media ManifestoWe often get asked a lot of questions about social media. What is it? How can I use it? Is there a real benefit to my credit union? Our thought is that any tool you can use to talk to your members is something worth using. That’s why we have things like web sites, mailing lists, email lists, etc. It’s about time we added social media to the credit union communication bag of tricks. We will henceforth be posting periodically on all things social media-related. Tips, tricks, useful tools, best practices, etc. First, however, I’d like to introduce you to our “Social Media Manifesto.” In it, we will discuss why social media is a natural fit for credit unions and why you need to get off the sidelines and into the game when it comes to engaging your members. Read More »

Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here”

Have you ever made a link that says “click here for details” or “download this file HERE?” Well, stop it. Not only does a generic “click here” link create unnecessary usability and accessibility hurdles for users with disabilities but it hurts your SEO efforts. UX Movement has a great piece detailing various ways in which you’re doing yourself a disservice by not using descriptive link text as well as several helpful suggestions on how to improve your linking techniques. By linking to nouns, linking to specifics, and placing your links at the end of sentences, you can vastly improve your usability and SEO.