San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union Launches Modern Website

San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union home page

San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union launched a new website as part of their rebranding for the credit union. The site is bright, clean and modern combining white, bright green and bright blue colors. The site is responsive so it looks great on devices of all sizes from phones to desktops. It features a minimal menu to make navigation easy. Large rotating banners great visitors with current offers. Below the banners are featured products, member testimonials, an information section, community involvement and member benefits. Wow! That’s a lot of information but people are accustomed to scrolling nowadays so it’s consistent with modern design. Take a look at their beautiful new website:

SPE Federal Credit Union Updates Their Website

SPE Federal Credit Union launched a new website today. The new website uses modern design which makes it viewable on phones, laptops and desktops. The color scheme stays consistent with the previous site with two shades of green and contrasting white. The home page features rotating banners for featured promotions. It also includes a section for featured rates, featured services and a news section at the bottom of the page. Take a look at their new website:

Awakon Federal Credit Union Launches New Website

Awakon Federal Credit Union Home Page

Awakon Federal Credit Union launched a new website today. The website features a clean, modern design with a blue and white color scheme. The home page features rotating banners for current promotions. It also features large buttons for quick access to frequently used links on the site. A resource list provides information that visitors might need. The site uses modern construction making it viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Take a look at their new website:

NCACU Steps Up Their Game!

NCACU home page

North Central Area Credit Union (NCACU) is stepping up their game with a new website. It features a modern, colorful design with a home page that hits important marketing messages and quick access to likely needs of visitors. The marketing aspects include the rotating banners offering specific deals, prominent rate display and a prominent apply for a loan button. Features that hit likely needs of visitors include an It’s Me 247 login at the top of the page, colored circles linking to products and services, a prominent join button and branch and ATM locators. Their new website is part of a rebranding effort by NCACU. Take a look at their cool new website!

AuditLink Launches a New Website

AuditLink, a CU*Answers audit and compliance service provider, launched a new website today. The design is a modern, responsive design that displays well on all devices. The home page features a large banner featuring the latest business opportunity offered by AuditLink. It also features quick access buttons to AuditLink product information and quick access buttons to place an order for products or services.

Take a look at the new AuditLink site and don’t forget to sign up for their email list while you’re there:

Ondemand Video Site by CU*Answers

Ondemand Home Page

The ondemand video site created by CU*Answers has been updated with a new, modern site design. The design is a flat and simple design that focuses visitors on the videos without other distractions or content. The color scheme is a mix of strong and comfortable colors that imbue a sense of place. The home page displays videos in four groups – featured, most recent, popular and by category. The category section can be updated by selecting another category and then applying the filter to retrieve videos from the new category without leaving the home page. Strong, simple, focused. Take a look at the new ondemand site: