Typography Considerations for the Web

Smashing Magazine has a helpful article addressing the seldom considered aspects of web typography. If you have asked yourself “why does that site look so much better but so similar” the article can help explore those details that make good great.

IE8 Standards Mode Opt-In is Back?

In the early stages of Internet Explorer 8 development, Microsoft planned on requiring every web site that used the proper web standards to include an additional, non-standard tag for the site to work as expected. Developers were frustrated with having to break from standards to get the benefit of using the established standards and Microsoft decided against this approach. Sitepoint has an interesting article about a recent addition to Internet Explorer 8 that is eerily similar the original plan.

Internet Explorer 8 delayed

Ars Technica has reported that the release of Internet Explorer 8 will be delayed from the end of this year to 2009. Ars references the IE 8 developer blog article indicating the delay and explaining the decision.

International Credit Union Day

International Credit Union Day Thursday October 16, 2008 is international credit union day. CUNA has a list of resources including celebration ideas, example marketing materials, and graphics available at http://finlit.cuna.org/icuday_index.html.

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Searching on Photos.com

CU*Answers Web Services has access to a library of photos on Photos.com for imagery on the sites we maintain. You can search these images and request that we use them when updating your web site. Read More »

Collaborative E-Statement Marketing Contest

We’ve made a badge to put on your website for participating credit unions. Copy and paste the source below into the source code of your web site.

Click here for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii(tm)

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