How To Schedule Promotions For Your Credit Union Website

Why Should I Schedule My Promotions?

Let’s assume it’s Friday the 1st of July and you realize you need to post something on your website about your Credit Union being closed over the 4th for independence day. You don’t really want to be doing that over the weekend so what do you do? Sometimes you need a way to schedule your content to go live for a future date.

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Tips For Making PDFs ADA Compliant

If you’re looking to make the PDFs on your website more accessible, there are some steps you can take to make that happen. Please note, this method is using Adobe Acrobat DC.

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Focus Credit Union Launches New Website

Congratulations to Focus Credit Union on the launch of their new website! The website has a modern striped design featuring large banners for promotions, featured products and a modern navigation with an Online Banking login drop-down. The site looks great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. FocusCU is excited to provide an updated website to its members for better usability offering a greater experience.

Take a look at the new Focus Credit Union website:

How to do SEO for your Credit Union – SEO Tips for 2020

SEO is evolving constantly and so should your efforts to stay on top of the latest trends. Google makes over 3,000 algorithm changes per year… that is A LOT of changes. If you aren’t keeping up with these changes, you aren’t going to keep up with your competitors.

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AdventHealth Credit Union Launches New Website

Congratulations to AdventHealth Credit Union on their new website launch! Their site has a very clean and professional feel, with a number of handy features for it’s members. They’ve added a mega menu to organize all of their products and services, as well as a modern login widget for online banking. The landing page features themed banners for branding which really makes this design stand out. The site was built to allow members and potential members to quickly find what they need in a clean and responsive manner, built for easy-use on all devices.

Take a look at their new site:

Congratulations to the AdventHealth team on a great new website!

Proposal To Ban Infinite-Scroll and Auto-Playing Videos

I can’t say that I enjoy endlessly scrolling to find content on a website or the annoying auto playing audio when you open up a webpage, however Sen. Josh Hawley might disklike it more then most. On July 30th, 2019 Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced a bill to ban infinite-scrolling and auto playing videos.

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