Easy Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress has become a powerful platform used by many businesses and bloggers across the world. With an increased number of users comes an increased number of threats/hackers. To help combat some of these threats we’ve compiled a short list of some simple security measures you can include on your site.

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Microsoft Wants You To Stop Using IE

Microsoft understands that there are still a lot of businesses and organizations using Internet Explorer. Maybe because it supports legacy web apps or its just something the company has been used to for many years. Old habits die hard however, and Microsoft is now urging it’s users to finally embrace a modern browser.

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Unused .com Domains

Ever tried registering a domain to find out the one you want is already taken? This is becoming a frustrating issue for more and more people every year. Even more, many of these domains go unused. Christopher Forno was particularly concerned with the issue and decided to take action.

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IE Support Could Soon Come to an End

Microsoft pledged to deliver security updates through the lifetime of any operating system with which the IE browser was bundled. They effectively locked themselves into a lifetime support of IE when they declared Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) which will be supported until 2029.

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Internet Explorer Flaw Puts Users at Risk

Microsoft has issued an emergency update that fixes a critical Internet Explorer vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting on the Internet.

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Patch Day – Tuesday, December 18

Starting at 12:00AM on 12-18 we will begin the monthly patch process for all the servers on the CU*Answers network. We are scheduled to be completed by 8AM.