SiteControl SmartTag Snippets

This documentation is outdated!

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The new SiteControl Content Management System makes it even easier for you to insert content snippets into your site using “SmartTags”

Simply insert a SmartTag into the post or page. The SmartTags begin and end with curly braces.


SiteControl SmartTags
SmartTag Rates Page Example.

will insert CU*Answers Librarian article #1011 into your entry. You may replace 1011 with any valid library article document ID.


{rateboard type='savings'}
{rateboard type='loan'}
{rateboard type='cd'}
will insert the Satellite Rateboard

Badge Snippets

Fight Identity Theft at

insert the snippet cusecure badge link
insert the satellite loan app badge link

Online Banking Login

Online Banking Login

insert the online banking rectangle login button
Online Banking Login

insert the online banking square badge login

Financial Calculators


Text Links

insert the apply for membership text link
insert the satellite loan app text link

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