It’s Me 247 Online Banking Desktop Logo Swap

Swap the placement of the It’s Me 247 Online Banking Logo and your credit union name.

How it Works

You must provide an Adobe Illustrator or EPS color version of your logo. This ensures we can create the proper format with transparency for the It’s Me 247 Online Banking. We will swap the location inside online banking of the It’s Me 247 logo with your credit union logo.

All themes have a dark grey or dark primary color background. Please provide your logo in a light color scheme so that it will render legibly on a dark background. Notice how the standard It’s Me 247 Online Banking logo is mostly white or light colored.

Submitted logos must be in true vector format, either Adobe Illustrator or EPS with all fonts converted to outlines.

Our graphic designers will work to make your logo look good on as many themes as possible, however every combination cannot be tested.

Blue Steel Default Logo


What You Get


  • It’s Me 247 branding moved to top. This allows you to continue to use collaborative marking and documentation.
  • Your logo and brand, front and center.
  • Your logo will also appear on the online loan application.


One time set up: $ 750
Monthly Maintenance: $ 20/month

Self Service Branding Options