Custom PFM Branding

Custom brand your Personal Financial Management solution from Money Desktop. Money Desktop offer the ability to white label their product for your credit union. Carry this branding in to It’s Me 247 Online Banking. Contact your Money Desktop representative for details and pricing.

Note: Your PFM vendor may have fees for custom branding their PFM application. This product is for custom branding of It’s Me 247 Online Banking access points to your PFM vendor.

What You Get

The Personal Finance navigation menu inside It’s Me 247 Online Banking will display your custom logo and custom name provided to us by Money Desktop. In addition, if mobile app URLs are provided, these links will be updated to your custom app. Money Desktop banners will also be removed from your OBC page.

Contact Your Money Desktop Representative for more information and to get started


One time set up: $ 500
Note: This is for the It’s Me 247 Online Banking customizations, Money Desktop may have additional fees or charges.

Self Service Branding Options