Custom It’s Me 247 Online Banking Desktop Theme

Brand it to your own corporate colors. Pick your corporate colors using an HTML color picker. This works best when you pick a darker base color and a lighter accent color.

How it Works

Once you have approved your new color theme, you can set this theme to become the default theme for any member who has not selected their own personal theme. That is, any member still using the theme you selected at conversion, will now be using your custom corporate theme. In addition, all members may elect to change to use your theme as their own. Finally, all new members will receive your custom theme as the default.

All monitors render colors a little differently, so your choices will not look exactly the same on every single computer. Also, we recommend you stay away from browns, as they tend to get muddy and unattractive on certain displays.

CU*BASE Help is available for showing you how to set the default theme for new It’s Me 247 Online Banking members. See for details. Setting the default theme establishes the first theme a member uses when his membership is created.

Many members use the color theme as a security feature.

Once you sponsor a color theme for It’s Me 247 Online Banking, it becomes available for every credit union in the network. Thanks for contributing to everyone’s success!

Because your sponsored theme becomes available network wide, CU*Answers will choose a creative name for your theme based on the colors.

What You Get

  • Custom primary color for main elements.
  • Custom accent color for icons and other elements.

Custom colors may be applied to elements on the It’s Me 247 Online Membership and Loan applications. Note, there are circumstances where the applications do not have enough information to be able to determine the credit union’s default theme.

Our graphic designers have some creative freedom and will strive to give each custom theme some unique flair.


One time set up: $2,000
Monthly Maintenance: $0

Custom It’s Me 247 Online Banking Theme (Green and Navy)


Custom It’s Me 247 Online Banking Theme Loan Application (Green and Navy)


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