Hosted WordPress Updated to 4.1.1


Hosted WordPress with SiteControl sites are now being updated to the latest version 4.1.1. This maintenance release fixes 21 bugs in version 4.1.

For a full list of changes, consult the list of tickets and the changelog Makeover makeover 2015

Congratulations to on their recent website makeover on their existing design and content.  We tweaked a few things to enhance the layout of the homepage, such as moving the news posts into columns, as well as add some motion and color by adding the banner carousel at the top of the page.

Hosted WordPress Sites Updating to 4.0.1


We are currently deploying a Maintenance and Security release to hosted WordPress sites.  Read on for detailed information.

SiteControl Sites Upgraded to WordPress 4.0


The latest greatest version 4.0 release of WordPress has been deployed to your hosted sites.  Touting an improved admin experience for ease of editing, media uploading, and embedding, we hope you enjoy the added convenience! Read the detailed writeup for more information.

Hosted WordPress Sites Updated to 3.9.2


Hosted WordPress sites have now been updated to version 3.9.2. This is a security release update improving a few things under the hood. For more information, check out the release notes.

Major Network Maintenance 8/3


The CU*Answers network will be completely offline for several hours starting around midnight, then there will be intermittent interruptions to all network systems through the remainder of the maintenance window, as individual connections are rerouted and tested. All network services, including It’s Me 247 online, mobile, and text banking (including e-Statements, bill pay, MoneyDesktop, etc.), CU*Talk Audio Response, and CU*BASE core services will be unavailable at various times during the maintenance window. EFT interfaces (ATM/Debit/Credit card activity) will run in stand-in mode at the network switch.

Assuming things go smoothly we’re planning to begin restoring individual services by 6 a.m. ET, with EFT and It’s Me 247 being our first priorities. Keep in mind that this is approximate and assumes we do not run into any difficulties during the initial cut-over. At this point there is no way to accurately predict exact restoration times, but we will be doing our very best to bring these critical member services up as quickly as we safely can.

More information is available here.