Hosted Sites Updating to WordPress 4.3.1


Hosted WordPress sites are now being updated with security and bugfix release version 4.3.1.  For more details read the release notes.

Hosted WordPress Sites Update to 4.3


The latest greatest WordPress major version 4.3 has been deployed on our hosted sites.  For details on the various improvements, check visit

Hosted WordPress Sites Updated to 4.2.4


Hosted WordPress sites have been updated to the latest version 4.2.4 Security and Bugfix release.  For complete details read the release info at

Hosted WordPress Sites Updated to 4.2.3


Hosted WordPress with SiteControl sites have been updated with the Security and Maintenance release 4.2.3 which improves security related to cross-site scripting.  More information can be discovered on the release page.

Network Maintenance 6/23

On Tuesday morning, June 23, from 12-8 AM ET, we will be performing internal network maintenance. During this time, there may be brief network interruptions to the following services:

  • CU*Talk audio response and our phone system
  • It’s Me 247 online and mobile banking
  • CU*CheckViewer check images
  • eDOC applications
  • Hosted web/mail sites and
  • AnswerBook
  • CU*Spy
  • RAS/VPN/remote access

Using WordPress for Banking?


Interesting question with an insighful answer from the co-founder of WordPress…

Key takeaways for you are to USE STRONG PASSWORDS, and avoid collecting or storing private data inside of WordPress.   Fortunately for you, we take care of keeping the underlying hosting environment updated and secure, and regularly perform updates as they are released for the WordPress core and plugins.